The Different Live Roulette Wheels

There are different types of roulette so that players malaysia online betting can choose the one that best online casino malaysia suits their tastes and needs. We can divide roulette games based on four main criteria:

  • With dealer and without dealer
  • By type of table
  • Bets allowed
  • By type of dealer

We are going to see all these options one by one.

Live roulette with the dealer and without dealer

One of the most important criteria for cataloging a live roulette is if it has a dealer or, conversely, it is an automatic roulette that can spin at different speeds.

Normally, this second modality has a voice-over that sets the guidelines for the game, but we will not be able to see any dealer directing the game.

Types of live roulette tables

In general, we can find 3 types of roulette tables: European, French, and American. The most common and the most easily found in online casinos is European roulette.

Conversely, it is less common for online casinos to have French roulette tables due to the low house edge.

Finally, some portals also have American roulette wheels (which have a double zero). The latter is not recommended because of the high house edge.

Types of bets allowed on live roulette

It is also important when choosing a roulette that we look at the different types of bets they allow. Above all, in the minimum and maximum bet.

It is recommended that beginning players play at tables where they can place a small or moderate bet.

It is also common for many casinos to have VIP roulettes or for high rollers.

Types of dealers at live roulette

For many players, the type of dealer and his nationality are also important. It is very common for users to search for native dealers to understand them without any difficulty.

Likewise, it can also be relevant if the dealer is a man or a woman.

For taste colors, so many casinos offer the possibility of choosing between several options. In international casinos, it is also common to find the distinction between dealers of different nationalities.…