The History And Origins Of Roulette

We have to look for the origins of สล็อต roulette in 17th century France. In fact, we can attribute the invention of modern roulette to Blaise Pascal, who designed a 36-number roulette (where zero has not yet appeared).

It seems that the choice of these 36 numbers is due to reasons of placement, balance, and position. However, other interpretations also allude to a kind of magical condition, since the sum of the first 36 numbers results in the much-mentioned number 666.

At first, it was a game to enjoy in the private sphere and with friends since it was not profitable due to its proportion of prizes (1/36).

The evolution of roulette – The introduction of ‘0’ and ’00’

However, in 1842 the Blanc brothers added a new number to roulette: 0. This represented a significant change in the price ratio (as it was now 1/37) and increased the house edge to 2.7%.

These modifications allowed the Blanc brothers to introduce the new roulette at the Monte Carlo Casino.

Later, another roulette model appeared that had one more number, double zero, which was also a double benefit for the casino.

This new roulette, where the ratio is 2/38, and the house edge amounts to 5.25, is also known as American Roulette.

In contrast to this type of roulette, the classic roulette model, which has a single 0, is known as European Roulette.

Frequently asked questions about online roulette

Can PayPal be used to play roulette online?

Of course, you can deposit money with the payment method you prefer, and once you have recharged your account, you can play สล็อตออนไลน์มือถือ whatever you want, both slot machines, roulette, or blackjack.

Is it possible to make money with online roulette?

Yes, you can. For this, you only have to play for real money. The higher your bet, the more money you can win … or lose. So always bet iFun555 casino Thailand with your head!

Is there a trick to win online roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance, and therefore there is no magic recipe to help you win. However, some users are fans of betting systems that can be used in practically all games.

Can you play roulette online from your mobile?

Yes. Nowadays, most tables are adapted so that they can be used from different devices, be it an order, a smartphone, or a tablet.

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